A Kensington Kiss

The crescent moon above the crescent,
Time stands still, all is present,
I take you in my arms, we kiss:
What can compare with times like this?

Argument from Design

I sit in my basement and furtively glance
At the legs of the girls as they saunter and dance
Along past my window which cuts off their bodies
And all these fine legs make me think maybe God is.

Public Bar, Red Light District

There in the corner, oversmart,
The once eternal, ageing tart.
It's no good looking at me, dear,
I only came in for the beer.

Sweet Sue

When day turns to evening and twilight to dark
I'm meeting sweet Susie in Paradise Park.
So what is that noise - is a mosquito humming?
No, no, it's sweet Susie, sweet Susie is coming!

Shelf Life

I've so well prepared myself
For a future on the shelf
For I know it's far too late -
I'm long past my sell-by date.

Cat Woman

You're a beautiful girl with a feline,
When I saw you I soon made a bee-line:
How I'd like your sweet body to catch me
But I don't want your pussy to scratch me.

What Shall I Do for Pretty Girls?

The arms grow weak, the legs grow slack,
The body is a torn old sack,
The eyes grow dim, the mind can't think,
It's time to have another drink.

My Bonnie Lies

My bonnie lies over the ocean,
She lies about any old thing,
She won't accept truth as a notion
Or think it's the song we should sing.

Sorry, Darling

All I want is one hot bimbo,
Long blonde hair and eyes of blue,
Chest out here with arms akimbo -
It's no wonder you won't do.

Down, Wanton!

Your skimpy top is making me so keen
To lose control, unbottle that old genie,
Your bottom is the best I've ever seen,
When you appear in that minute bikini.

Divine Dress

You turned up so superbly dressed,
That orange frock with low-cut bodice:
"My God, you've got a perfect chest . . ."
"Don't call me god, just call me goddess!"

One Last Try

I ought to shift these lazy bones before
They start to moulder and turn into dust,
Find some sweet loving woman to adore
Before the relevant parts begin to rust.

Gender Bender

Now I've kissed your scarlet lips
And seen your eyes so bright,
Now I've touched your sexy hips,
I feel like a woman tonight.

Come Together

Why don't we get together, you and me,
And see if what will be will be
For if we get together, me and you,
Maybe we'll come together too.

A Soul-Shaped Hole

How can I be moody blue
With these memories of you?
True, you've gone, and left a hole
Where I used to have a soul.

Andrew Belsey

If you've any comments on this poem, Andrew Belsey would be pleased to hear from you.