Science fiction
The body born
The mind is pregnant -

So time begins.

We are the history of God growing into the unknown. We are the genetics of haiku, the building blocks of long poems. Sonnets created into flesh. We are the process of evolution, a continuous rhythm of iambic pentameter. We are the poetry that learns to walk. We are the hieroglyphics of thinking.

We are born co-authors of intellectual property. We are free verse made from the chromosomes of antiquity. We are today that becomes but we are not tomorrow. Only God can remember the future; this is copyrighted. Time watches carefully it is the government of God. We are forever a language of verbs.

At birth we are undoing. We are blind. To know would defeat life this is not our purpose. We are not to know but to learn.

We are a straight line of Newtonian time…period. God is the curvature of space.

I am not sure if we asked for this life; more than likely we begged.

I am not sure why.

The future is an adjective, always.

S. Digman



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