A Deal

Let's swap the glory
of the self-made man
who suffers no help from anyone.
Can not accept it
Even if he must use it.
Knows only the exhilaration
of moving mountains
cordoning off oceans
insisting on desert-grown strawberries

And fearful of looking
to the right
or the left of his purposes.
A sentinel on a mountain top
Not to see where he has been or
for the view - necessarily
Just anxious looking for another peak.

Let's swap that for
magnetizing the multitudes
climbing over this tiny planet.
Pursuing purposes
that make breathing easier.
Gravity less belligerent
Music more joyful..

The dynamics of loving
with public demonstrations of all kinds.
Not altruism
where sacrifice makes heros.
We're beyond that.

But where man considers himself
an honored guest
Where life unrolls
with  luxuriant complexity.
Then like any evolutionary fractile
Consciousness will expand
to answers  unknown,
questions unheard of.
Patterns so complicated you cry.

"Everything is chaos
and the possibilities are excellent."
said an ancient Chinese War Lord.

L. Fullington

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