A Pokemon Bestiary

Gengar, evolved form
Of Gastly: monster with a
Jack Nicholson smile.
Wittgenstein might say :
Could a Growlithe speak we would
Not understand him.

Spencer loves Oddish
His favourite Pokemon,
An onion with legs.

I though have always
Admired the spirit of
Selfless Bulbasaur.
Alakazam waves
Its occult spoons: Uri Geller
With an attitude.
Slowpoke evolving
Into Slowbro - a Darwinist's
Delight or nightmare?

Mew the kittenish
Pokemon exemplifies
Yeats' old dictum:

That wisdom is a
Butterfree, not a gloomy
Spearow or Fearow.
The very image of
Quantum uncertainty:
Schroedinger's Meowth.


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