The Couple Who Kept Trying to Dream the Same Thing

  Once there was a married couple who were trying to dream the same thing. At night, they went to sleep half on top of each other, like slices of bacon in a package. They whispered in each other's ears "Dream that we are on a trapeze" or "Dream about a factory."
         Night after night, however, they failed to have the same dream. They woke in the morning and asked, "Were you wearing a red hat?" "Did you see me in the doorway?"
         One morning the wife opened her eyes and embraced her husband, certain that they had achieved their goal at last. "Do you remember," she said, "we were riding giraffes."
         "I dreamed about pancakes in the shape of zoo animals," her husband answered.
         "Close enough," said the wife.

Jessy Randall

If you've any comments on this prose poem, Jessy Randall would be pleased to hear from you.

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