I recreate,
    I procreate,
      I undulate,
on the dance floor
but all you seek is her

With her
long straight blonde
  curly red hair
With her short brown
spiky black wispy hair
With her clear blue
Japanese anime eyes
With her deep brown
almond shaped
piercing green eyes
like the marbles you treasured as a
      With her long smooth brown
  petite milk white
  stubble covered
  salon tanned legs
  With her ruby red
    pale pink flower petal
  collagen injected
       chapstick smeared lips
   With her low slung
         cone shaped
                   barely there
          melon sized breasts
          one ever so slightly
          larger than the other

I undulate,
    I procreate,
       I recreate,
myself in her image
just for you
with $50 clutched tightly
in my long brown piano playing fingers
I go to my lesbian hairdresser
I put myself in her capable hands
as she gives me long straight blonde
                      curly red hair
   short brown
         spiky black wispy hair

A hundred dollars more lets me choose between blue
brown or those long envied green eyes
my father wore so

At the pharmacy now,
I invest in skin bleach or
sunless tanning cream
to achieve perfection through your merciless eyes.

My dressing table is covered
in different shades of lipstick
each worn exactly once
because I never know which will be
the perfect shade for you.

Push up bra
with thoughts of augmentation
never far from my mind
                as you remind
me constantly
they are never quite right.

I undulate,
   I recreate,
       I procreate

Hello darling
Welcome home from university
where you fled to escape
our expectations
Away from our controlling gaze
You no longer feel the need
to starve
to exert some control
over your life.
Have you gained an ounce?
If so you must
          you must diet!
and wear make up for god's sake
and do your hair
      shave your armpits
              paint your nails
and don't forget to smile
for the camera darling
after all, you only exist
       for their viewing pleasure.

Trini Doll

If you've any comments on this poem, Trini Doll would be pleased to hear from you.

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