Auto-man in Ray-Bans
   for Patrick Rafter

He has a ponytail pulled back
strands hanging at the nape
earlobes exposed
hot-blade mouth
a sweating aura of half nudity
black tank-top
follicles of almond oil
sultry at the neck.
His embattled belly button
deep within
a torso to be auctioned off
to airlines and motor firms.

The sex appeal arena dims.
When it comes
it's cerebral
boyish Miami skin in Bermuda wood
explicit look for film.
A baseline chin
brings an electric sense of self.

The sculptured Samsonite leans
in Ray-Bans for the shoot
pulling tennis socks
hot property athlete
adept in games
of getting off his kit.

His stomach muscles sneak a look
in dark places of recovery
a body-hair of wunderkind
wall dangerous, sultry pout
a grand slam for the ladies
with advertising men
in the company of Foxtel
Prince or Reebok.

Helen Hagemann

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