Men Just Can't Help Acting on 'Impulse'TM

At first my lips were sealed against the truth
It was called 'Chilled Grape'
One of a range of sweet lies.

Later I wore my hair 'Ash Blonde'
and pretended the sun shone only on me.
You stood there: dry, normal and uneasy.

Once you licked 'Gold Shadow' from my lids
and wondered at a tear.
But it was only one liedrop in the ocean
I might have shed.

Afterwards you said you loved me
and I 'Allday Crème' blushed.

Then a drink and a picture show
bought you an edition of one.
Skilfully crafted, presented with taste
I washed it off when I got home.

At last I told you of my waning passion
and all day Sunday as we screwed
I thought of us.
Me screwing you.
And you all screwed up screwing fashion.

Michelle McNulty

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