New Years Resolutions:
A Brief Starting Over

Now is the time
for starting over.
To have a clean slate.
All miscalculations forgotten.
Credence given to declarations,
Only the New Ones.

Of course we know with the table bare
we may forget the silverware.

But the zest of a new beginning
makes slight deviations, jocular.
Something to break the ice
at the water cooler and then
back to work with two or three
hours more.
Someone else can
close the store

The wisdom that came
with making mistakes
- no one can possibly count them all -
Is never quite formulated.
So  now we know.
It takes religious fervor
or a significant other
to hammer away
keeping you guilty
until you find a way
to start over.


If you've any comments on this poem L.Fullington would be pleased to hear from you.

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