A Sexy Diva

I’m not about to say I know
How a girl who’s on the game might think,
But I reckon that the care of a pimp,
However carrion it is,
Would feel a lot more personal
Than the paid care of a social worker.
Yes, and if he gives his girls
A gang name, like the Sexy Divas,
Well, that’s something to be a part of,
Something like the Nike tick
That brands you. There’s a connection there
And you’ve never made one of those before.
And if you had to choose between nights
With the box in some smelly Children’s home
And hanging out half cut in doorways,
Being brave with your brilliant girlfriends,
Which would you plump for? Maybe the drugs
Are worth the work- I wouldn’t know
But there’s something surely in being a pirate
If only with sex. So when your pimp,
Dead gorgeous Murphy who’s bought you stuff
And has a mate who plays in a band,
Goes down, you might well have a weep
And call from the gallery, "Murph, I love you."

 Tony Grist

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