Lucy on a Walk

We walked the secret Devon lanes
All green from yesterday's soft rains,
The butterflies and beetles flew
Round foxgloves much more tall than you.

Eyes of Red

Your eyes are red, your face is blue,
So what the hell is wrong with you?
Who'd ever guess that you once said
There'd be a welcome in your bed.

Ring Ring

When I'm sitting all alone
Ring ring on the telephone
Makes my heart leap from its slumber:
Bloody hell -- it's a wrong number!

The Apple Lover

It's because I am mad about women
That I'm mad about apples and things
In the hands of the most darling woman
With long fingers all covered in rings.

Carnal Knowledge

I suppose we went a bit too far
In the back of our old car
Because we had to disentwine
When we got that parking fine.

Swiss Army Knife

When every expectation fades
And burdens my poor life
I wish I had as many blades
As my Swiss army knife.

Tiffany's Travels

Every day without much warning
Tiffany comes in the morning:
Why then can't she get it right
When she goes away at night?

Pussy Willow

You're so beautiful and clever,
Want to kiss your lips for ever,
Want your bosom for my pillow,
Want your pussy for my willow.


Nothing ventured, nothing gained,
Nothing that can be explained,
Nothing rules the world above,
Nothing like the queen of love.

Caught in the Net

The e-mail of the species
Has me tangled in her cache,
She will byte my heart to PCs
And then drag me to the trash.

Banks have Branches

Mossy banks have branches where
Blossom blows in breezy air,
Listen to the birds and bees:
Money does not grow on trees.

Personal or Political?

All the world's great causes gone,
Still I have to carry on,
Looking for a cause that brings
Pretty women, pretty things.

Do not Ask

She introduced me to her bed,
"Now we're for ever one," she said.
She told me everything went well
But someone else had tolled the bell.

A Sleep like Death

From midnight, with all passion spent,
And wondering where the passion went,
Until the dawn we passed the hours
Asleep like fading summer flowers.

Andrew Belsey

If you've any comments on this poem, Andrew Belsey would be pleased to hear from you.

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