And what shall we do about April?
All those impending blossoms?
Stand and wait for May's
spontaneous blooms?
Or gather up left-over leaves
so surfaces are exposed
to that last spring snow?
It is hard resisting the urge
to dispense with Winter.

But if you remain passive, dormant
April may toss her cloud-strewn skies
and disavow the venture altogether.
There must be some initiative
we could take, both welcoming and
patience-rendering.  What are the rights
of April's spring that sees so few stately
flowers? Pansies so low to the ground,
crocus barely top the snow.  Any height
is sacrificed to our short spring season.
It is not their fault.  Easter's indoor lilies
do not impress. I doubt she would know
regal outdoor flowers if she saw them

Ah, then - that is it, a batch
of long-stemmed plastics,
to encourage her warmer
inclinations,  adroitly planted
in conspicuous spots.
At least you could smile
as you approach
your impatience.


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