Dinner Partner

"Yes, the ladies look exquisite in their gowns,
and I agree, sir, it is a fine meal we are enjoying.
But a thought has crossed my mind and I must inquire:
have you ever, sir, tasted a potato? Yes, a potato.
And should you affirm my presumptuous question,
I will hail you as a mate who has tasted
the earthy grit of dust blown fields picked clean
of countless rows of potatoes. And I would say, too
you have known the aches of shoulders
enduring a day's work in the world of the potato.
And I would say you know of the tomorrow's
which will bring more labor, and of the end which is never,
seemingly, within sight. That, sir, is what I would say.
And I would say that you know of the potato's origin,
of its history and of the contributions of this tiny tuber.
Yes, I would say that and more, sir, for I am glad I
have met you, and should you answer 'yes' to my inquiry,
I will know you as one who understands the seminality
of a wondrous life, a life that gives to life. For that, sir,
that is the potato! And so I will ask you once again;
have you ever tasted a potato? But first things first,
my new friend. You must try the salmon. It is excellent."

J.D. Heskin

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