essex boy

Essex boy
'unts autographed clobba
from Smith, Sherman 'nd Baker
that costs 'im fortunes
that costs 'is muvva in favours.

Essex boy
does a pint
does a curry
does a dab of Charlie
does it up the wall
does ten miles to the gallon
in 'is Cabriolet.

Essex boy
'its the accelerata
'its Ibifa
'its the nightclubs
'its a stranga
'its the jackpot repeata
'its the gym

Essex boy
'as a larf
'as a barf
'as a go
'as some dough
'as a shag wiv a slag wivout a bag
then 'as 'er fags.

Essex boy
knows the score
knows wot alloys 'e's stearin'
knows wot 'ouse choon 'e's 'earin
knows wot boys mag 'e's readin'
knows wot to say to a gay
knows a mate ov a mate wot can sort you out a good DJ.

Essex boy
sez play the game, son
play football, golf and Playstation
score wot you can when you can
and can you score some hash, son?

I said no mum, get your own, son.

Marco Scarola

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