Dying Man

Through his living room curtains one day he looked out to see a man dying on his lawn.

He wasn't dying politely either.  I mean he was quiet enough about it, but his eyes bulged like light bulbs and he kept clawing the earth, not getting enough air or something. 

Well, at first, he was quite panicked.  But then he became reasonable; he reasoned that no one else had even noticed.  The neighborhood was as still as a summer noon.

 He waited a little while and then, as careful as any sucking dove, he stuck his head out the front door and whispered, "Can I do something for you?"

 "Yes," the man replied, standing.  "I was wondering if you'd mind signing this form here."

Corey Mesler

If you've any comments on this piece, Corey Mesler would be pleased to hear from you.