The Shadow of You

she has that look about her
the one you envy
vogue shapes and fine lips
curves of beauty, head cocked to one side
sashaying just ahead of you
between thin and schema
her caramel thighs dance and shine
and you can almost catch her light
as it falls on your oversized
stretched lycra bike knees
chasing the teasing shadow
– at the top of the hill, a slim parked figure
waits for the larger you

at night the light of shadow
catches you leaning in cool cake shelves
the only touch you feel is the cream on your fingers
as you hold the layers of cherries wedged
between chocolate and rum liqueur
your mouth moistens to bite down
into what you know is warm, whipped ecstacy
your tongue salivates
on thick white dust
tilts a morsel of crushed almonds over
effeminate lips
– thoughts drip like chocolate syprup

the plate is washed and stacked
hot water stirs a mist between frame and moonlight
and the fluid fog chases the shadow of you
out into the dark night
and the space between your left and right
looks to a distant past
through streets of thinness
when you did lose weight, could lose
had every reason to lose
the first time you loved

Helen Hagemann

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