Amber?necked er!

One sticky Summer soiree I shuntered a stunner.

Puffing a Gin, pouting Embassy Filter
pouring Salt & Vinegar grins over my shoulder
she melted felt eyes like acid tequila
in the pine-dressed bar.
Shalamar schmoozed over sub-woofers:
"Make that move right now, baby!"
so I moved.
Like a moustachioed, combat-pant wearing gunholster.
We greeted
beated about the weather and whether
pub heat would retreat.
She began lisping crisp wishes
purring prayers of Perrier water
stubbed her fags on my Reeboks
this soiree's sticky Summer stunner.

A mouth bathed in vodka
swathed her kegs of amour
ring-pull lips bled rose-hipped nectar
straight kisses; no chasers
flitted in slits
fired desire's cigar lighter
sung spun-sugar's thunder
as if a karaoke crooner
reaching spires with
choirs of town criers.
Lava fingers
spilt over in galaxies of trouser
a Smirnoff supernova
in the drip tray of Andromeda

Well, notquiteasfar'cos

Our meth breathed meteor burnt cold
died blistered
as bell chimes vomited closing-time
over punters, lovers, strangers
over my genitalia

Splitting like hangovers
no talk of after-hours
I heaved at the bar
she relieved her daughters.

One sticky Summer soiree I shuntered a stunner.

Marco Scarola

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