A Hypothetical  Consequence

Now that I know what inertia is
(another mystery conquered)

- no longer the impasse
of an irresistible force

meeting an immovable object
(namely me)
But a condition of the Universe

(however many plurals
you care to name)
No longer a languid refusal

to act in the face of whatever
But a condition of every sub-
atomic particle.

Only a few have seen
this Higgs Boson splatted
against a cyclotron wall

But how skeptical must you be
not to believe this invisible force
when it accounts for the stability,

the permanence of all we know?
The things we can name
and stay named
one generation to the next.
Like salt and  water and air.

It is the Higgs Boson that
prevents the infinitesimal movement
that might just create peace in the world.

So inertia rules.

L. Fullington


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