The Dooley Wilson Poems

1. You must remember this

They come at 2 a.m. when you can't sleep:
Not command performances of movie favourites
But mostly bad pictures blooming in the mind like some
Complacent fungus, those things you'd much rather
Suppress as the mind rehearses those
Rituals of embarrassment -
But today a memory
Of that kiss.

2. A kiss is still a kiss

You've forgotten her name but you savour again suddenly
The slither of tongue against tongue, can smell her intensely and still
In retrospect enjoy
The absorbing investigation of texture difference,
Between stocking-top and thigh,
And it could have meant more maybe, but it was definitely
So much better than not kissing.

3. A sigh is just a sigh

Not kissing more is always
The biggest regret, but regretting is always
Such a waste of time.

4. As time goes by

Yes, the sag-faced thing in the mirror
Is you, you guess, but not more so
Than the vivid kid in your heart.
He's still there, and you need to feed him.
You must remember this.

Peter Cavendish

If you've any comments on this poem Peter Cavendish would be pleased to hear from you.

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