I have forgotten now what it was
I wanted to say, the words gone,
Nowhere special, I suppose, the razorburn
Of the morning's coming blinding,
Taking, momentarily, the senses out.

All I know is that last night whilst
One arm harboured loneliness, the other
Risked embraces, your face not there
In darkness, no reason to despair
Or lead yourself astray.

Now, this morning, hardly able to wonder
At what went on you dress and leave,
Taking the scent of your skin, taking
The love note expression on your face
That last night mattered so much.

I will miss you, even though I do not
Know your name, I will miss you.
And with the day sliding into dark
I have found myself walking
The streets knowing nothing

But a loneliness that despite its despair
Will not leave, bringing with it a sense
Of folly that I might, after all,
Have been wrong, the brash flurry
Of the neon lights helping me home

Where I shall sit silently, remembering suddenly
What it was I had wanted to say

John Cornwall

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