Obsession Reduced, Step by Step, to Rationality

If I continue, as I have been, to walk the five salubrious flights
of company-owned stairs in the morning when I get here
and again when returning after lunch
(that's 74 steps twice a day for 148 x 5 for the week
x 4 for the month x 12 for the year rounded down to an even
35,000 to account for vacations, holidays, illnesses, et cetera),
I should be sufficiently entitled to eat Culver's frozen custard
on my drive home from work, especially since Culver's
is in a direct path to my home, said home housing
no immediate occupants because they, the occupants, my family,
are otherwise engaged in fun water activities at the lake
while I am stuck back here at work counting steps.
You can see how things add up and how they are reduced.
How we change and exchange and extrapolate our needs
to the sum of steps it takes to move us from point A to point B.

Lori Kean

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