On an overnight train journey

do you trim the hairs up your nose? he asked
by way of introduction

I never used to, I replied
till they got tangled up with my moustache

did you know, he said
that long-distance swimmers shave all their hair
in the quest for improved performance?

I didn't, I returned,
though I do know that body-builders
not only shave
but also oil their bodies
to look better
(nothing to do with performance)

he was quiet for a while

the clickety-clack of the train wheels
and the blurred outlines
of the trees and fields
dashing by
in the late evening gloom
me towards sleep

no I didn't know that,
(and he pulled me back from the dream world)

I thought their hair just fell out
from rubbing barbells on their chests
taking steroids
vitamin E supplements
& all that stuff

in Europe, he continued
its well known the ladies shave
e v e r y t h i n g
but have hairy armpits

I bet they don't do their noses

Oh, this is my stop - I'm Peter
by the way -
nice to meet you

Delighted, I replied....

Tony Chad

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