Coming Unstuck Blues

people tell me
people tell me
I’m gonna crack

with a broken heart they say
there aint nuthin but turnin
nuthin but turnin back

they say I need to deal in
some kinda proper healin
to stop my heart from lookin back

I aint that sure
I aint that sure
they got it right

a little bostik that is what I say
a little glue a little sniff of heaven
can set my soul alight

that crack could be the reason
my open heart keeps breathin
it gonna give me second sight

people tell me
people tell me
I am talkin thro my hat

I is upset they say an maybe
I oughta take a look at that

they say bad pain needs sharin
with folk who’s kind and carin
they say look here now what bout that?

I say people
I say people – take a hike

I say people
I say people get on your bike

I say people shut yo mouths go take a sleep it
sho is my cracked-up heart I aim to keep it

I aim to do jist what I like

Helena Nelson

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