Some Things Can't Be Mended

I argued with your mother over tea,
she said I wasn't good enough for you.
You mumbled that you couldn't quite agree,
but fully understood her point of view.
You left me and my honour undefended.
Some things can't be mended.

You used my car while I was out of town,
and feigned complete incomprehension when
the speeding summons came. You let me down,
and cost me forty quid, most false of men.
Your driving license ought to be suspended.
Some things can't be mended.

You came home very drunk at half past two.
I didn't welcome your inept advances.
You said that women gagged to sleep with you,
and I should make the most of all my chances.
Although our loving once was rare and splendid,
some things can't be mended.

My patience and my time are wearing thin,
I fantasise about a single flat.
A sense of humour and a winning grin
can't make a  lover of a selfish prat.
And so, my love, our partnership is ended.
Some things can't be mended.

Sarah Willans

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