The Forest Dweller’s Diary

2. My Gods

I, in my way, am a god
For I am a multitude

Godlike I stroll through the forest
The lizards dash into the bushes
I set my snares and bless the world’s abundance
I take what I wish
And give back what I will.

Is that not the way of the gods?

Every evening I walk through the twilight
First tiny and pink, with blue eyes, wide as an ocean,
Then golden, growing larger, inking
Its presence around me until
My thoughts are tar pit fossils
And it absorbs me into its loins

At night I crawl through the forest
With the worms and the ticks
And feel the vegetation sweat

When the goddess enters me,
I dive into the humidity
Of the lagoon, lungs wide and wet
Or squirm up the canal
Into the city’s pipes and tanks

Is this not immortality?

Alex Sager

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