Now That I Think About It

A girl, now there's a reason.
It's true, breasts are better than a flu shot, I think
We're all in agreement. And all that hair.
What thoughts must be cluttered under it,
Bumping into each other, each planning its own delicate escape.

It only took one week of my life to learn everything I know.
Since then I have been trying to forget it.
Gregariousness for any reason is a welcomed treat, like a holiday
That until the moment it arrived you never knew existed.
And what kind of bird is that?
I'm not sure really, but it's got me under its voodoo.
Or had.

Ever since then logic has gone awry.
The apple blossoms seem to spit up bad jokes
At the most awkward moments possible.
See what I mean?
The capillarity of our interaction and attraction (I will go into this no further)
Is the Brutus Beefcake of the love domain.
You know, well known (famous possibly) but not around for very long.
Always with good intentions, um, for somebody or bodies.
Unfortunately some of those bodies was not us.

I saw a painting of Jesus once
Bleeding from the eyes. Tears I guess, but blood.
In a very unnerving way I found it sexy, but not
As sexy as you. Not that you could cry blood,
But there were a lot of little things you had that that picture didn't.
A smorgasbord of intricate delicacies. Generally, a personality.
You were funny like that, worried that a word like 'Guacamole'
Might upset me. (It takes one to know one)

But just when you think you have nothing left to lose
Along comes impossibility in vertigo formation
And just to prove it is possible, takes that away too.
Then again, why not? The scope of humanhood
Is too vast to limit yourself to one big loss per lifetime, a.k.a.
One foul odor is covered up by an even bigger stink.
Life and love are both as is arrangements (Buyer beware!)
Short of one or both of us becoming rich, what else
Could we ask for? I guess what I'm saying is
I'm satisfied with the end result. Though admittedly,
Sometimes, your hair

Your hair.

Jason D Smith

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