Rejoicing in Destruction

We spend much emotional energy
Regretting Trees that are Squandered
Houses that are Abandoned
Things that Die.

We regret the tree’s loss --
and loss of summer shade,
its cycle of absorption
that purifies land and air.
No nesting for birds,
No insect life sustained,
No location for tree houses
and secret meetings.

Then comes the political turmoil
over disposal
whether for profit or street cleaners.
The Tree is gone — there will never
be another just like it.

But from a less parochial view
consider the fate of the molecule.
Its natural state is in becoming
not in static permanence.

Sorrow should be saved
for indestructible things
like plastics,
old 78’s and tooth brush handles
which can’t be returned
to a molecular condition
for city-dump centuries.
Decay only happens to those around it
and all they can do is wait.

It is a joy turning
the garbage disposal on.
Hastening a return to nature.
You could be fostering a star
in a far distant future.

L. Fullington

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