Square Limericks

The square limerick is a form I was intoduced to at The Chop House, a newish poetry discussion board, worth a visit. The rules of the form are simple, though complying with them can be tricky. It's a limerick, but the words of the top line are repeated down the left-hand side, whilst the five rhyme-words on the right also make up the last line of the poem. Try it for yourself.

    A  person    from   old   Bangalore -
    Person? No! Frankly call him a bore! -
    From    noon    to   night    sings
    Old      B-sides      by      Wings
    Bangalore bore sings Wings evermore.

The next one is a free imitation of Catullus: Carmen LXXXV ("Odi et amo...")

    I    love!   Oh   that's   great!
    Love transforms, though, to hate.
    Oh    what    havoc   it   makes;
    That's   why   my   heart  aches.
    Great hate makes aches penetrate.    

George Simmers

If you've any comments on his limericks, George Simmers would be pleased to hear from you.