An Age With Too Many Categories

It started out with only two.
From times in the Garden
We were either Bad
or We are Good.

It shouldn’t have taken
two thousand years
To figure out good or bad depended
on A day of the Lunar Month,
A year of Peace or
A year of War
The neighbor next door
or which ever category came before

It shouldn’t have taken
Ingmar Bergman
to point out Squires
could be skeptics,
Or Justice Stevens
of The Supreme Court
to be a devoted dissenter
until each case was heard.

Despite all conclusions,
all treatments for recovery
for conservatives or liberals
Problems have multiplied
like fruit flies laughing
up their sleeves.
And now every person is
a category unto themselves

Yet judgments must be made:
Is it to be a Pre-Emptive strike?
Or categories be damned
and Some Other Way?

What to do? What to do?
To think objectively,
free of categories.
That’s simplicity itself—
Take a Day you are basically Good,
Trust yourself
and get some Sleep.

L. Fullington

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