Never Sleep While a Stranger is Driving

You animate to the click of cobalt painted claws
Drumming the icy glass curve of hypersleep.
Strip the electric suit the goddess crawls through,
Scream under the burning needle.
Good morning, Patriot.
It's gonna be a great day!
She pumps your head with the feel of
Feathery indigo grass against
What might have been your feet,
A caramel cat with emerald eyes.
You have to tell them everything,
What Jesus is like and sex T.V.
School starts tomorrow.
You stretch your tentacles
And slither to the rhombus porthole.
So many worlds to exterminate
And plenty of time.
Jesus is just like sex T.V.
Safe and satisfying, a good alternative,
There when you close your eyes,
Bend over and spread wide,
I'l pump you full of anything you want.

Rebecca Lu Kiernan

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