…said to be a sensitive mass of tissue
embedded in the front wall of the vagina
behind the pubic bone, the G-spot
is only usually detectable
when a woman is fully aroused.
Sarah Hedley, Sexual Therapist

Whole day to suck on, kids at school,
so we hitchhike round our skin,
wishing a car but riding a bike.

It’s overrated, sex, a bit blasť –
hey, we’re comfortable as slippers.
Now this revelation.

You remove your knickers,
I take off my specs, swashbuckle
round for elusive X and yeah,

what’s love got to do with it,
as Tina Turner said, the Big O
needs all the right moves –

left a little. Shit. Almost; ow!
I’m aiming for more than that
pleasurable itch, hoping to bull’s-eye

your howling switch in search of Shangri-La.
But we never found a pocket
full of treasure, just a measure

of pain and a pea in its pod, sweet
at the hint of paper and paint,
banoffee pie, a fortnight abroad…

Doug Gray

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