How huge the shadow of a fly
menaces across the ceiling
as it swoops past the light,
an intergalactic transport
announcing the end of earth.

How blue the welcome shade
tossed lightly as a salad over shrivelled grass
by a lone desert tree
a shawl, crocheted from night
resting on my shoulders.

How hilarious, how torchlight-drunk
"It's like a swan-giraffe," we giggle
waggling our contorted hands
surreal Noah's ark procession.

How curious that clear water
hurls an image of itself against the wall.
The unseen leaves an indentation
finger-deep on the world's surface.

How elegant-grotesque the gods and demons
on an Indonesian screen, advance/retreat,
larger than life, delicate tracery,
to musical cacophony, against a glass, darkly.

How long the  sun-dial finger
cast by love
slowly arcing on the lawn
even when the sun has set.

Maggie Butt

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