Bad Eve Seduces God

I knew he would show up at the party
dressed in his velvet vest and cut-away,
his too-long trousers.
I could smell the ironing of his shirt,
delicious. A tall man,
but not so tall he could miss
my five feet of drop-dead simmer.
I wore something to match his style-
a cream silk evening dress,
elaborately Edwardian,
lace sleeves, pearls, cleavage,
a waist cinched to flare
everything above and below
into fleshy richness.

We circled each other and
the obstacles of others' bodies,
supper tables dripping wine and gravy.
After the obvious conversations,
and one slow dance together,
I licked his satin lapel.
Later, he showed up in my room,
his arms full of red roses
(remember the cousin apple?)
as if to apologize for his obvious lust.
Oh, I expressed surprise - it's expected -
then, fair's fair,
I sent him away.

Elizabeth Lewis

This is Elizabeth Lewis's first Internet publication. On the subject of sins, she writes: "Is usury one of the seven deadly ones? If it is, I'm writing my credit card companies to let them know."

If you've any comments on this poem, Elizabeth Lewis would be pleased to hear from you.