The Seven Not-So-Little Deadlies

I. Pride

My other car is an Excalibur. Your
car is shit. Get it out of the lot.
You're lowering the property values.

II. Envy

You don't deserve what you have. Hand
it over while you still have the option.

III. Gluttony

The buffet was incredible.
Do you have any antacid?

IV. Lust

Please. I promise I'll pull out this time.

V. Wrath

I want to suck all the air from your lungs--
burn you like paper, and kill and kill again.

VI. Greed

Gimmee gimmee gimmee.
More more more. I was first.
I deserve it. It's definitely all mine.

VII. Sloth

Hand me the remote, willya?

T. Dunn

T. Dunn's favorite sin is gluttony, which she tries to commit as often as possible at sushi bars. She is the editor of
Zuzu's Petals Quarterly.

If you've any comments on this poem,
T. Dunn would be pleased to hear from you.