Songs for an impossible musical #2

Melissa, glowing prettily after half an hour's light housework, makes herself a cup of tea and settles in front of her favourite daytime talkshow. At which Denise, Queen of Daytime, shimmies purposefully through the screen and begins to sing:

The Daytime Song

Look at me!
Watch me watch me watch me!
Look at me, enjoy my grief.
Look at me and feel relief
That it's not you - so do
Listen and I'll have you captured,
Quite enraptured by my story.
Feel vicarious delights
As you share my tacky glory
Underneath the TV lights.

I'm psychotic but I'm coping
I'm the love-child of a duke
I survived a vicar's groping
I'm bulimic - watch me puke
Look at me!

Kissing brings me out in blotches
My man covers me in jam
When I shower my neighbour watches
Mother made me what I am
Look at me

I'm the universal victim
I'm allergic to my thong
I loved my baby but I kicked him
I am blonde and proud and strong
Look at me!

  Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!
Let me describe with out compunction all
Of the ways that I'm dysfunctional.
Watch me 'cause I'm charismatic.
Watch me 'cause I'm symptomatic.
Look at me
Watch me 'cause I'm so pathetic
(Both my kidneys are synthetic).
Watch me watch me watch me!
Look at me!

Lucky beans cured my diseases
I defied the incest ban
I took heroin for Jesus
Actually I'm a man
Look at me!

George Simmers

If you've any comments on this song, George Simmers would be pleased to hear from you.

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