Over Tapas She Said

A decade now, these hot dumb potatoes:
jackets off, we bake a glaze over
each other’s eyes, each other’s foibles.
Horrible now, to think of the waste.

No patatas bravas these,
I mean, it’s earth-basic, it’s Irish,
chilli, tuna, prawns, beans, cheese,
you can top it up however you want to

- it’s flavourless. Pub grub,
without even the nous to be nouveau.
Darling, I suffer carelessly,
keep dragging my heart through

some Dagenham of the soul,
but what does it know?
It gave up learning the day
I first hooked up with sons of the soil.

She says her hands are always warm as spring,
But without butter and salt, it tastes of nothing.

Joanna Quinn

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