Demonstration of the Need for War

Leonardo speaks of Dimostrazione
A mind-set well on your way to
advanced scientific theories.
Hopefully for peaceful purposes,
for non-war solutions.
But you see that’s not all
you need for inspired commitment.
You need some small bit of knowledge
that needs testing.
Like a vacuum said to exist
because there is no energy,
no temperature, no animosity.

So what test could you use
for these intangibles?
No set of opinions
or testimonials will do.
The economics might change
their minds.

You need proof
from hands on experience.
Ah yes, to test the conditions
of a vacuum, in a case of
prolonged indecision
you need a war.
To see if the vacuum disappears
like the status quo.
Then best of all
with productive theories
you can learn from your mistakes.


L. Fullington

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