Narcissism in Form

A cup of coffee,
sugared to taste,
more milk than most,
2% and steamed.
A pot of coffee,
waiting in the kitchen,
6 cups of water,
but 10 tablespoons of grounds,
filtered water.
A pack of cigarettes,
black and chic,
10 left,
wrapped in silver foil,
cloves of course,
sweet on my lips.
A 15-20 page paper,
due in 14 hours,
I dig Kant.
books on my desk,
spines creased and cracked,
information in my head,
personal computer,
state of the art,
my playlist,
fucking Spoon,
sitting in a warm room,
freezing winds knock on my window
makes nice background music
cold air,
refreshing for cigarette breaks
blows the smoke out of my face
keeps me awake
full moon tonight
beautiful scenery
to stage a war
my roommate is in Kuwait
and i'm getting high on caffeine
i'm fucking rocking out man
moonlight means the enemy can see you
moonlight means i'm rocking out to Spoon.

Sierra Martinez

If you've any comments on this poem, Sierra Martinez would be pleased to hear from you.