I'm the gleam in your lazy eye
I'm dancing like a spark
I'm a white cat, like magnesium
I'm burnt on to the dark
I'm heavy as a promise
That floats upon a soul,
I'll drag it down the alleys,
I'll clutch it like a doll.

You're hiding in the dreams of other men
And they beat you down in their dreams
And though they were the dreams of other men,
I still heard the screams.

You're shaking around on the wrong end of a hand
Now it's goodbye to warm coats and telescopes
And the wind does my hair.
And if we died, we'd be the happiest people on earth
Oprah's network of angels will love us
For all we're worth.
We'll kill their miracles with physics!
We'll kill their miracles with love!

We saved the whales
And lost each other
Blind leaving the blind
To see the world
All things are my equal
Except for other people…
and some girls.
Small change is better
than none at all
lazy days all dwindled
to trace elements.
This minute could be your last
The last minute was your past.
I'm frozen in frames
Like cartoonists block.
I'm sleeping on a goldmine.
I'm working like rust.

Anthony Gee

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