A Jigsaw Puzzle

We fitted together, you and I.
Your nooks and my crannies
Matched to a tee,
And our legs intertwined
In blissful gridlock.
Your arms and shoulders, powerful, bull-like,
Pinned me down in tight embrace
And our lips were fastened
Button to button-hole, popper to poppet.
Through all our squeals and squirmings
Our lips held tight, popper to poppet,
Poppet and sweetheart.

We fitted together, you and I.
Poppet and sweetheart,
Sweetheart and poppet.
I wish I understood
Why sometimes jigsaws break
Into their thousand pieces
So that the picture, shattered, lies
In such chaotic, useless heaps.
And then the nooks and crannies
Gather dust alone, their comfort lost.
I wonder why. And sadly mourn
Our lovely jigsaw, once complete.

Louise Tee

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