In a Van with a Man

Sometimes -
You live in a van,
With a man,
For sixteen days
And by the end
He can send
You to drink,
Or the brink
Of madness, with his little ways.

But - other times -
You live in a van
With a man,
For sixteen days
And you find
You don't mind
That he snores
And he roars
When his temper finally frays.

So the trick
You must learn,
If you yearn
For a wonderful trip
Is to choose
A man whose
Sense of fun
Will be one
With your own - that's my tip.

And then,
You can live
In the van
With that man
For a full sixteen days
And feel snug
As a bug -
So you would,
If you could,
Just live in that van always.

Louise Tee

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