Blocked Sun-view

(Note: Strathaven is pronounced stray-vin)

Up by Boghead, the road to Strathaven:
a shadowed tree and more and crowds
of branches, leaves; a falling crow-
blue-cloud sent crushing down.
Mouse-eye glint of sunsoaked cars
wets my eyes where rain
is dry and spreading sky
cold announcing
over such a view
at sunset.
A burst rosehip
of sky
to owl-flown

Old ten-year eyes redrawing what's been:
kestrels stand in sky and queue
for movement in this in-between
the window pane and blue
fading sight towards Kype Muir;
and now hiding light
will hunger their pursuit.
Feather branches
are now forty joists,
blood rafters,
ten feet away
the kestrels'

Hiding light and bitter blocked sun-view
will sadden wing formed branches,
will quiet the life of mouse-glint eyes
and robins flying through
the space between this pale glass
and the roof now sized
above horizon-cold grass
blazing its red
reflection to me.
Sunset dead,
skull stolen
light, dark
now like coal

David McKelvie

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