Flights of Fancy

Guardian Angels

It was lucky on those cloudy days
there were balloons in town.
They braved uncertain winds
and went aloft to punch holes
that let the sun come through
and then the rain came too
But now they are gone to aerate
some other drought plagued ground.

Thanks for the Thought

You said you would give me a lift
but my insurance does not cover
accidents from changes in wind velocity
or entanglement in power lines.
And you, my dear,
would not care to wait
in that honking intersection
while I checked out in the check out line

What Happened to my Sandwich
Over Dallas ?

We launched with rye and cheese
The chase crew brought the wine.
We felt environmentally safe
dropping prune pits over Texas
They hardly make a sound
The President was out of State
So Air Defense couldn’t catch
my sandwich
plunging to the ground.

L. Fullington

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