Who's Been Eating..?

...look before you ask yes it was me yes as well as eating mummy and daddy bears i ate baby bears too how gross is that but what i didnt do is go upstairs and sleep in any of your beds no i went for a run round the wood to burn it all off and just in case there was any left i shoved my fingers down my throat and threw it all up dont look so alarmed i didnt make a mess and yes i know that just a few spoonfuls of baby bears should have filled me but i just had to have it all okay id got lost didnt have a clue where i was got in a right state before i found this cottage i wish id been born with brown hair or red getting things wrong wouldnt matter then but with hair like this youve got to be sodding perfect so yes it was me i ate your porridge i ate every bastard bit but im never ever going to do it again thats the last time i promise you the very

Susan Richardson

Susan Richardson (susan@susanrichardsonwriter.co.uk) read Don't Bet on the Prince (edited by Jack Zipes) when she was in her teens and has never looked at traditional fairytales - or the world at large - in the same way since. You can visit her website at www.susanrichardsonwriter.co.uk.