The Snakeskin e-chapbooks

Each is a collection by a Snakeskin poet, presented as a word-processor file ready to be printed off to make an instant pamphlet.

Series I chapbooks (1998-1999):

1. From a Poet's Wunderkellar by L. Fullington

2. Those Mudfish Ways by Robert James Berry

3. A Blossomed Disappointment by John Cornwall

4. Voiceover by K.M.Payne

5. In the Shadow of Women by Hassan Abdulrazzak

Out of series:

Spindrift  by William F. Adams Jr.

Series II : (2008-9)

Long Shadows by Ken Head

The Gothic Poems by Linda Crespi

Speed Read by Chris Major

I Am the Sphinx by Maggie Butt

Naomi by George Simmers

Deathmarch by Miklós Radnóti  
translated from the Hungarian by Thomas Land

The Plinth Poem by George Simmers