So we're back in business...
And I promise that for the next six months at least Snakeskin will go back to being properly monthly.

November will be a theme issue.

Bookshops and Libraries both sometimes look like endangered species these days, even though these are places that can arouse deep feelings. Perhaps you would like to write about your favourite bookshop (or your least favourite. Or about the library where you discovered wonders (or the one that wouldn't let you have books because they thought you were a security risk). Any shape or form of poem will be welcome.

Please send your poems about either Bookshops or Libraries (or both)
to, and they will be considered for the November issue.


P.S. The slim pamphlet Animals Like Reading is still available to buy, and would make an excellent present for the intelligent child in your life.

Two blog posts may be of interest to potential contributors to Snakeskin .
The first, on "How Snakeskin Works", explains the simple procedure by which contributions are selected for a month's issue.

The second, called "Don't" offers some tips to novice poets, detailing a few of the things that might make an editor take against your work.