Company for Lansa
(Previously published in the Aurorean)
Through the Mahoosuc winter
it is lonely in the topshack,
even for a prickly old Finn,
even with the constant wind,
the speaking snow and pines.
Beside the trail, naked branches
are stripped, damp and yellow.
He hollows out a small shelter
in the snowbank beside his window.
Every day he portions half his chips
knowing how the wild things love salt-
purchasing a hands-off sort of friendship
with the taciturn porcupines.
Sonja Johanson

In tenth grade home room, Sonja Johanson tried very hard to ignore that strange boy with the 9 ft. long scarf who kept talking to her. She subsequently learned a great deal about Doctor Who and gained her lifelong best friend. You can reach her at sonjajohanson@gmail.com