Childhood Friend

We were dandelions - both flowers and weeds.
We bloomed, we choked;
we bloomed and choked.
It was so easy to lash out then,
and so easy to float away
(we are fragile to begin with,
just tenuous seeds of being)
Major and minor twining together,
you and I are unresolved music.
Fugues, Iíve learned, repeat
the same staggered melody.
Our past selves are chasing each other
in different keys, never quite
lining up in unison.
We orbit time like planets,
occasionally aligned,
unable to escape the pull of gravity
but unwilling to admit to it.
We return again and again to
the same question:
who are you now?
Karis Jones

Karis Jones loves to keep in contact with her friends, both real and imaginary. She currently writes a webcomic with one of her high school friends, Eshan Mitra, that you can check out at http://saliria.thecomicseries.com/.