for Marina

I stand and stare
out my kitchen window
to where I know you (only a
few blocks away) are
also staring

the water
weeping from our
faucets is
temporarily ignored
as we pour
our own into the
and down the east face

we who are friends of Charlotte
spin delicate
doilies and know
that friendship is a train station
sketched in pencil

the wind whistling through the
hollow spaces will
carry us away on
winsome silken strands
to other lands we have yet
to weave

the world wide web is not the same as
"Can you get the boys today?" or
a coffee in your kitchen or
a summer smoky two-wheel ride or
a shared laugh over the antics of our offspring

when you arrive
please try to find
a kitchen
with a window

Sue Spengler

Sue Spengler's best friends include eight 11-13 year olds. One of her former students once named her: "She who is a grown up but is still fun to play with." Her email is suesun40@gmail.com and her website is http://suesun40.blogspot.com.