A Rough Guide to Culinary Herbs


Parsley is a good herb Ė
it smells like freshness and makes food look posh.

Oregano is a superior herb.
Firstly because itís foreign
and people arenít sure how to pronounce it properly,
particularly Americans,
and secondly Italians cook with it
so it must be good.

Chives are messy herbs, best avoided.
In my local supermarket cafť
they sprinkle them on a full English.
Chives are like chopped up grass
- it takes ages to pick the bits off.

Other good herbs are rosemary
sage and basil ícos they smell nice
and are easy to spell.

Marjoram is not a good herb.
To see this for yourself
try it on a full English.

And itís hard to spell.
So is thyme.

Christine Griffin

If you have any thoughts on this poem,  Christine Griffin  
would be pleased to hear them.